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    An experience

    Maritime Pride Eggs plans to increase the classification and marketing of eggs produced in Maritimes. The company's ultimate goal is that each egg it produces becomes an integral part of a delicious meal enjoyed by our consumers.

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    The team

    Maritime Pride Eggs has over 30 employees dedicated to providing quality products!

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    This particular section is placed at the disposal of the food service professionnals. You will find, among other things, the nutritional value of eggs Maritime Pride incorporates into their delicious recipes!

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Why Maritime Pride Eggs ?

Maritime Pride Eggs Inc. vision and mission is to be the primary supplier of choice eggs and egg based products for Atlantic retailers and consumers by providing a consistently high quality product, superior customer service and an expanded product line at competitive prices. We have invested in state of the art technology in our plant that allows us to grade eggs very efficiently and has many safety features that ensures consumers are receiving a quality product. We are proud to supply Maritimes families with a wide variety of choices when they are purchasing their egg products and we will continue to explore new niche markets.

Maritime Pride Eggs and its Canadian partners bring products coast to coast.

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Maritime Pride Eggs has an identification system on each dozen which allows us to track which producers the eggs you have bought come from. Maritimes Pride Eggs wants to go even further in its tracking program by analyzing the traceability program of Eggs Farmers of Canada; which is currently being tested in several canadian grading stations. Following these findings, Maritime Pride Eggs could start a traceability program directly on the egg.

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